Thursday, September 29, 2016

Week One - Campus Life at LBCC

Assignment #1

My name is Leta Howell and I am working on earning my second degree at LBCC. Back in the mid-90's I earned an Associate of Applied Sciences in Visual Communications and immediately entered the printing industry. After twenty years in the industry I have gotten tired of hitting my head on the glass ceiling. I have been unable to move up to the next step in my career due to the lack of a management degree so I am here at LBCC to earn an Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer Degree with a Business Administration focus. I took this class because it fulfills my degree requirement but also allows me to expand my photography experience. I have always enjoyed taking photos and am excited to learn all of the ways I can improve my overall skills. I have always been the photo mom for all of my kids events and our families live as well as our Boy Scout troop. Lately I have been asked to take senior pictures for multiple kids and currently my son who is a senior is requesting that I take his pictures. I want to learn new skills to make his photos really awesome.

My three goals for myself during this term are: 1) better understand composition 2) learn how to use the features on my camera so I don't always use Auto 3) learn to look through the lens with a photographers eye

Three subjects that would make good subjects at LBCC would be:
1) Veterans - pictures of veterans taking classes, participating in classes
2) Chess Club - attending chess club meetings it would be interesting to take pictures of members playing chess, talking about chess and learning. Could position them outside on the courtyard grass.
3) LBCC Board Meeting - would be interesting to attend one of the monthly board meetings and take some shots of the overall room along with closeups of the various board members. With negotiations happening with part time faculty I could see getting shots of them in the room.

Students Noah Shelton and Forest Gilpin try out the pool table in the Hot Shot
Cafe during the first week of Fall Term classes at LBCC. Forest is working
on earning his Associates of Science degree with a History focus.
Forest is a Theater Arts Major at LBCC.
Barista Rebecca Fewless makes a customers drink at the LBCC Hot Shot Cafe.
Rececca has worked at the Hot Shot Cafe for three years.

A student at LBCC finds a quiet spot to study
during Fall Term at LBCC.

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