Friday, October 14, 2016

Week Three - News and Feature Photos

Feature Photos

Members of the LBCC American Association of Women in Community Colleges (AAWCC) attended a monthly meeting on October 13th in the CC Building of Albany Campus. The theme for this month's meeting was coloring and door prizes included art themed coloring packs.

LeAnne Trask and Kristi May, members of the LBCC AAWCC Chapter, work on coloring skills during their monthly member meeting during the month of October.

LeAnna Trask adds color to her chosen design as she mingles with colleagues at the monthly AAWCC members meeting at LBCC. Members enjoy soup along with learning about current happenings within the AAWCC local chapter.

Week Three Blog Forum Questions

Topic One

Two possible subjects for my environmental portraits are Mindy McCall and Pete McDanal from the Mailroom at LBCC. Mindy McCall works in Public Safety at LBCC and Pete is the delivery man for the LBCC Mailroom. Both subjects have jobs that lend themselves to a great environment portrait. With Mindy I would shoot her from above and below surrounding her with the public officers. I would take the picture on campus with their mini golf cart in the photo. With Pete I would take the picture in the mailroom with him holding boxes and mail bags. I can contact both of these subjects by walking to places of employment at campus. Mindy is located in the Public Safety office and Pete works in the LBCC Mail Room from 9am-1pm every day.

Topic Two

So far in this class my favorite picture I have taken was at the Benton Center Ceramics Studio. The composition on this photo was very pleasing to the eye and I really liked the detail that the image held. 

My least favorite photo was the photo I took this week at the AAWCC monthly meeting. I was generally unhappy with the composition with the photo and felt like it was a boring photo that held no creativity.

The skill I need to work on to improve my overall picture ability is to take more pictures and really make people uncomfortable as I invade their personal space. Getting closer to subjects and taking photos at very different angles and from different perspectives will really help the final picture quality.

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