Saturday, November 5, 2016

Photographer of The Week - Nigel Barker

Photographer Nigel Barker
     For my Photographer of The Week project I chose to highlight the work of Nigel Barker. Nigel is a fashion photographer that really came to the fore front during his work on America's Next Top Model which was his claim to fame.
     Nigel was born in London in 1972. His mother was a former Miss Sri Lanka which ended up playing a large role for his own modeling career which he began by accident. Intending to enter the medical field Nigel attended Bryanston School. His mom entered him enter a model search on television called The Clothes Show where he ended up placing as a finalist which began his modeling career. That career lasted about 10 years and afforded him opportunities to travel to Milan, Paris and New York City.
     In 1996, Nigel opened his own photo studio and set off on his fashion photography career. He began making a name for himself in the fashion industry and eventually was cast on a reality show with Tyra Banks called America's Next Top Model. He served as judge and photographer on that show for 17 cycles which is where he became a household name. He made several guest appearances on a variety of Top Model shows. In addition to America's Next Top Model Nigel has expanded his career by beginning to direct and produce films, documentaries and commercials for different clients. He was awarded the "Film Heals" award for a film titled Dreams are Not Forgotten where he used his photography and motion picture skills to send a powerful message about humanitarianism. He has also produced two different books about the fashion and beauty industries.
     What drew me to Nigel's work is the way he captures photos. He as the ability to see the beauty in his models and capture their uniqueness. He pays attention to all four corners of his photograph and really helps tell a story with one single frame. Nigel is quoted as saying, "Someone who is comfortable, someone who is happy, you see them immediately sit up, stand up and feel better about themselves. If you're able to capture that in a picture, that's the most beautiful picture you can ever take of someone."

Image taken by Nigel Barker

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