Monday, November 28, 2016

Week Ten Forum

Topic One - Your Best Photojournalism

The best photo I have taken this term was the closeup shot I took during sports week at the DSK Training Facility. This photo stands out to me because it is a different kind of shot than the normal volleyball pictures that I often see. I was wanting to do something very different and I was pleased with the final result. The photo reflects my ability to think outside the box and also observe my surroundings and take pictures that are presented to me at the moment. This show wasn't something that I could have planned out ahead of time but I was able to be creative in the moment which I struggle with. From the start of term to the end of the term I have learned to live in the moment during photo opportunities. We watched a film earlier in the term about a photographer that traveled to a different country and had a plan for his photo he wanted to take. When he arrived at location the photo opportunity was not going to happen. Instead of stomping away blaming all the reasons why he couldn't get "the shot" he slowed down and looked at the field in a different way. What he captured instead was a beautiful shot of "weeds" in a field that was breathtakingly beautiful. It is that lesson that I have learned the most over the past ten weeks. I have had the honor of taking pictures of the Commuter and at each event I attend I remember that story I work hard at not focusing on the negative but instead focusing on what is in front of me and living in the moment. I let the camera lead me and I have found great success in that approach. While not every event I have covered has led to an award winning shot, I have met great people, learned a lot and captured some great moments along the way.

Topic Two - Your Goals

My goals for this term were:
1) Better understand composition
2) Learn how to use the features on my camera so I don't always use Auto
3) Learn to look through the lens with a photographers eye

I feel as though I met those goals that I set out for myself. I have learned a lot of new techniques to taking pictures and understanding what makes good composition in a photograph. I have placed myself at different angles to try and capture a picture that a person wouldn't normally see by just standing in front of the event I am capturing. By changing camera angles I have been able to capture some really interesting shots.

When I began this class I didn't really understand all the buttons and settings on my camera. I have worked hard this term to really learn the difference between aperture, f-stop and shutter speed. I am much more comfortable taking pictures and capturing some really neat effects without always relying on the Auto setting as a crutch.

Being introduced to so many photographers and the ways they capture life moments has really increased my photography vocabulary. Having other students research other photographers and bring back that information to class to share as really opened my eyes to the different types of photography. I have enjoyed learning about sports versus news versus feature photography and understanding the complications of each style.

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