Friday, November 18, 2016

Week Eight - Sports/Action Shot

For this week's assignment I visited DSK Training Facility in Corvallis, Oregon and captured images from teams training for their upcoming volleyball season. DSK is named after the owner, Dave Keller, and has been in operation since 2009. They specialize in training volleyball players all year round and it is the only facility of its kind in the Albany/Corvallis area.

The DSK Training Facility is housed within G3 Sports Complex
in Corvallis, Oregon. Teams train year round through the DSK Academy
which allows all players the ability to maintain their strength
and agility during the on and off seasons of volleyball.

Newly formed the 18U Volleyball Team from DSK has just begun
to practice and begin preparing for the upcoming volleyball season.
Coach Dave Keller opened the DSK Volleyball Club in 2009 and today it serves
teams from age 12 through 18. The 18U team will be traveling to Las Vegas,
Spokane and Denver this season to compete against other volleyball teams.

Topic One - Technology/Innovation

Topic Two - Photo Story
For the Photo Story I chose to take pictures at the Albany Community Theater during their production of The Runner Stumbles. I was given complete access to the backstage area prior to the performance and was able to capture images from the moment the cast/crew walked into the building up until the production began for the evening. Due to contract related issues I was unable to capture images during the actual production which allowed me the ability to focus on pre production solely. The cast/crew have a distinct and special camaraderie that came across on stage. They truly supported each other prior to the production and you can feel their devotion during their performances. It was a magical process to watch.
For the different shots I was able to get a close up shot of the main actress in the play putting on her makeup. For an overall shot I grabbed a ladder and took a long vertical shot of most of the cast preparing their look in front of the makeup mirror in the back stage room. For the medium shot I tried something completely different and laid on the floor during a special moment where the cast/crew put all hands in and cheer each other before the curtain opens.
This assignment was my favorite of all the assignments given in this class. I had such a great experience that the director has asked me to come back and take production photos of future productions at the Albany Community Theater which I am excited to have the opportunity to do.

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